Karmic Acres Dairy Goats

Check out our Breeding Plans for 2020-2021 kidding season to see open reservations.

Karmic Acres is a small but growing Dairy Goat herd in rural Northern Michigan. The herd is Co-owned by sisters Amanda Aube and Brittany Mousseau. Currently all of the goats reside at the family farm in Ossineke Michigan, but in the near future the herd will be divided between two farms with the milking stock and young kids residing with Amanda and the dry stock residing with Brittany, however all goats will be within a short drive of each other.


Our current focus is on breeding quality goats that exhibit longevity and productivity throughout their lifespan. We are proud members of the American Dairy Goat Association and are currently working with the following breeds; Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Toggenburg. We participate in ADGA performance programs including DHIR, Linear Appraisal (When able) and ADGA sanctioned shows. We are making use of the adga genetics programs and all of our bucks and several does are DNA typed.

statefair2019We are pleased with the direction our herd is taking and are excited for what the future brings.  We are building our herd from strong established genetics  as a strong foundation is key to a successful breeding program. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in adding a goat from our herd.

You can contact us on Facebook Messenger or by email at: karmicacres@gmail.com