Karmic Acres is co-owned by Amanda and Brittany Aube in Northern Michigan. Amanda and Brittany have been involved in goats since they could walk and have participated in many 4-H groups. After graduating High school in 2007 Amanda took a Hiatus from goats to focus on her education but that didn’t last long as once you are a goat person you are always a goat person. In the spring of 2013 she added two Nubian doe kids from Goddard Farms is Kansas and has since added several goats from the Blissberry herd in Minnesota. Brittany has always had a love for all things small, cute and cuddly. She bought her first Nigerian Dwarf in 2008 and has since added a few more does in partnership with Amanda.

Amanda and Brittany have also traveled to IN, NY and MO to pick-up goats for their herd. They are vested in using quality genetics to meet their breeding goals.

The focus of our Nubian herd is two-part and our stock reflects that. We strive to produce both high quality show animals and dual purpose meat and milk goats. Because of this fact I always try to inquire about what the buyer is looking for when they are purchasing an animal. Some of my does while beautiful and conformationally correct will not perform well in the show ring due to the lack of dairy character.

Our Nigerian herd is a build-up program in process. I am extremely happy with the kids we have produced in 2016. Our goals are to produce animals that not only show well but are productive in the milk pail. We would like to produce animals that average 4 pounds of milk daily throughout their lactation. This goal is still a work in progress.

Ultimately we breed for animals that we like, this may not always produce a show correct animal or possess the traits that other feel are important to the breeds.

Our herd is part of the ADGA Plus Program participating in Linear Appraisal when possible, milk production testing, and DNA testing thought ADGA. We are attempt to show in a tri-state area when time allows.

2017 Around the Farm Photos

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    • Hi Joe,
      I do not at this time. I will have a yearling buck for sale in June he can be seen on my nubian herdsire page. Karmic Acres TC Prime Time. I plan to have him appraised in June and he will be for sale after that. I have three sisters and a daughter out of hime that I retained so he is to close to most of my herd to ues. I love his dam Goddard Farm Charisma and love the added capacity to her udder she has developed his year. If your interested please let me know. He will be priced after appraisals.


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