Karmic Acres PR Love Affair 2*M

Sire: Helderberg TB Pacific Rush

      SS: GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil +*B

      SD: CH Chenango-Hills Tatyana

Dam: Caprine Acres Love Spell 1*M

      DS: Critter Croft Acres Casanova

      DD: Caprine Springs Cowpoke

ADGA Genetics

DOB: May 6, 2016.

LINEAR APPRAISAL:             

2017 01-04 82 +VV+


2017 0-11 173 310 7.1 22 4.5 14 92 20


2016 1 x Grand Champion has dry leg.

2017 Great Lakes Dairy Goat Jamboree 2nd place milking yearling ring 2.


We were pretty excited to have this young doe in our herd. She is angular, long bodied and has great width to her between her hocks. She freshened with a pretty little udder to boot. She shows improvement in both udder structure and dairy strength over her dam Caprine Acres Love Spell 2*M and is one of the first milking daughters we have out of her sire Helderberd TB Pacific Rush. She earned her milk star during her first lactation and we are can’t wait to watch her mature in our herd.

Planned Breeding for 2017: Gypsy Moon Sudoku AI. We will be retaining a doe kid.


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