Nubian Does




Risin’ Creek Top Contender *B
 Sire Risin’ Creek Top Commander *B
GCH Risin Creek Kiss Trixie *M
Karmic Acres TC Libby
Cricket’s Kids Tiason
 Dam Rhythmic Acres Luna-Esque
Cricket’s Kids Elektra Storm

Bio: Libby is a very balanced doe kid with with nice length of body and angulation throughout. She freshens with a well attached rear udder and is currently milking 5-6lbs a day as a FF. 

Show record:

2015 1x1st

2016 1 x 1st , 1 x 2nd

DHI: In progress

LA 2016: +V++ 83

G6S normal by DNA testing.




Bio: Karma has matured into a beautiful doe. At three years old she has depth of body, a long level topline and good angulation to her rear legs. Her udder is solidly attached and she has large teats that make for easy hand milking. She has a friendly personality and is a favorite around the farm.

Show placings.

2016: 1x3rd.


2015: 145 Days in  Milk, 551#, 4.0% protein, 22#, 4.0% fat, 22#

2016: 221 DIM  1,384 # 4.0 %F  56 # F 4.3 % P 60 # P

LA 2016 +VVV 86

G6S normal by DNA testing.

Foremost Sebastian’s Flash *B
 Sire Foremost Flash’s Sparky *B
Foremost Amber’s Phoebe
Goddard Farm Karma 5*M
Nickel’s Osage Orange +*B
 Dam Goddard Farm Mitzvah 4*M
Goddard Farm Raspberry 3*M

ADGA TOP TEN 09, 10, 12 all three categories


Bio: Charisma is a lovely doe that has good body capacity and width to her chest floor. She has my favorite udder with great teat placement and a wonderful soft texture. She appraised in 2016 with an E in dairy strength and completed her lactation by earning her milk star. Her paternal grandam Nickel’s ES Annie 2*M was the number 1  ADGA breeder leader in 2013 and an Elite doe. Her sire Prairie Acres Denali +*B is the senior herdsire at Goddard Farms located in Kansas where he has been consistently producing does that earn their keep in the milk room. This including Goddard Farm Boracay 4*M whobre made the ADGA top ten breeder leader list in 2014 as a first freshening 2-year-old and again in 2015. She is also an ADGA Elite doe.


2015: 166 days in Milk, 649#, 3.9% protein, 25#, 4.5% fat, 29#

2016: 246 DIM  1,706#  4.4% F 75# F 4.0 % P 68 # P

LA 2016: VEVV 88

G6S Normal by DNA testing.

 Goddard Farm Chocolate Uncle +*B
 Sire  Prairie Acres Denali +*B
Nickle’s ES Annie 2*M2013 #1 ADGA Breed Leader 2013
Goddard Farm Charisma 7*M
Nickel’s Osage Orange +*B
 Dam Goddard Farm Julia 6*M
Goddard Farm Juliana 5*M

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