SG Blissberry Viva La Juicy 5*M

Sire: *B Blissberry Sin City

      SS: GCH ++*B Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison EX91

      SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Vivacity 6*M EX92

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur’s Viva Las Vegas 4*M EX90

      DS: SGCH +*B J&R Spirit’s Dakota Playboy EX90

      DD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Mandalay Bay 3*M EX90

ADGA Genetics

DOB: April, 15 2015

G6S-normal by parentage

DNA typed

LINEAR APPRAISAL:                                    DHIR    

01-04 VVVV 87                                                 1-00 225 1380 4.7 65 4 55 94 22
***************                                                1-10 61 630 4.3 27 3.8 24 60 22
*****************                                             LIFE 286 2010 4.6 92 3.9 79


2016 ADGA National Show 6th Place Yearling Milker

2016 Minnesota State Fair 1st Place Yearling Milker

2017 Great Lakes Dairy Goat Jamboree 1st Place 2-Year Old Ring 2

We were pretty excited to be able to bring Juicy home this spring and are so happy that Sara and Dan from Blissberry allowed her to come live in Michigan. Juicy is a long and tall young doe with a clean and upstanding front end. We love her dairy strength and her overall angularity. She has a beautiful udder in side profile and a high, wide rear attachment that is smoothly blended in the fore udder. While Juicy resided in Minnesota she was the 6th place milking yearling at the 2016 ADGA national show and the 1st place milking yearling at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair. Juicy earned her Superior Genetics award and her milk star as a milking yearling. We can’t wait to watch this doe mature in our herd.  

Planned Breeding for 2017: Blissberry I Only Make Models *B AI

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